Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (5th Edition)

Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (5th Edition) By Allan R. Hambley
Publisher: Pr//[ent\]ice H/a\ll; 5 edition 2011 | 912 Pages | ISBN: 0132130068 | PDF | 43 MB

For undergraduate introductory or survey courses in electrical engineering.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS, 5/e helps students learn electrical-engineering fundamentals with minimal frustration. Its goals are to present basic concepts in a general setting, to show students how the principles of electrical engineering apply to specific problems in their own fields, and to enhance the overall learning process. Circuit analysis, digital systems, electronics, and electromechanics are covered. A wide variety of pedagogical features stimulate student interest and engender awareness of the material’s relevance to their chosen profession.